Each class receives two 30 minute group therapy session a week. Each topic is divided into two pieces: lesson and behavioral activity. This can look like powerpoint lecture and note taking one session and the next session is practicing the lesson.

The objectives for this lesson included

-To explain the concept of stress and to facilitate awareness of how stress affects the body and mind

-To help group members understand their unique individual stressors and signs of stress

-To teach that there are different ways to react to stress and encourage flexibility in thinking in order to reduce stress
-To encourage participants to develop a plan for coping with stress, including coping thoughts and actions.

Students learned how stress affects the body, fight, flight and freeze idea and discussed different ways to lower the beaker level (reduce the amount of stress a person experiences). The behavioral activity for this lesson was an escape room! Students had 5 challenges to solve and decode the code for each challenge to record the secret words for the Escape Key.

Challenge 1: organize the cards in the appropriate sequence to show the biological response

Challenge 2: Students needed to use organization tactics to put assignments in order.

Challenge 3: Students needed to search the room for the puzzle pieces. Once all pieces were found, they needed to put it together. The final part of the challenge was to demonstrate the yoga poses on the puzzle.

Challenge 4: Students were given a second puzzle and needed to use teamwork to put it together.

Challenge 5: Students needed to search the stress management cards and present the cards with positive and healthy coping skills to the judge.

The decoded message was practice stress or practice peace (you can choose).

All High Road Belcamp students ESCAPED the stress spiral!

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