What impact has this staff had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Heather has helped tremendously with IEP’s this month and has given a lot of feedback. She works very well with her kids in her classroom and is very patient with them. Our students love her!

Why did other staff members select this person as Staff of the Month?

Heather W is a team player, very reliable, and is always willing to help out other staff members when they have questions. Heather works very well with all of our kids and is very understanding with them. We honestly could not do this without her! – Katie Griffith (Elementary BEST Teacher) and Tori Emery (Elementary BEST Assistant Teacher).

Provide a quote from the school’s director regarding this staff member’s impact on the school.

“Heather has been amazing for both the students and staff! She uses her knowledge and experience to guide everyone. She has taken new teachers ‘under her wing’ and gives so much guidance to the IEP work and other questions teachers have. She has been such a huge help to me in leading my team.” -Russ Teegardin

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