This month we put a short pause on exploring the ancient world of Egypt, but for good reason. Black history was our focus and opened eyes to how one person can make all the difference in the world. We started learning about the famous Dr. Martin Luther King via video.

Afterwards, students read their own part of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and created a picture of what that part of his speech meant to them. Rosa Parks was introduced later to which students learned about her life, the struggles people faced during her and Dr. King’s time, and used what they learned to figure out what they would do to change the world around them.

While everyone in class is thinking about how they can change the world, we want to congratulate Anthony for reaching day 50 blue! Way to go Anthony!

Also, all of our students had a blast building what I call a homemade pinball machine. Students set up their own manipulative blocks and used problem solving skills to make a marble reach the finish point.

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