Anthony has done a great job during the last month of school. Anthony has continued attending school consistently and has stayed on the level. Anthony works hard in the classroom and does especially well with his English tutorial, as he is an awesome reader! In addition to achieving academically, Anthony is a helpful student to have in the classroom. Not only does Anthony offer to help the staff, but he also enjoys helping other students!

Ms. Kim reported that Anthony has shown excitement about his post-secondary goals including attending Harford Community College. Also, Ms. Kim mentioned that Anthony is always willing to fill in on jobs around the school including trash and lunch crew.

Anthony is proud of his attendance this school year, as he has made a huge improvement in attending school consistently. He understands the importance of being present in school and makes sure that he gets to school every day. In addition, Anthony reported that he is proud he has learned to control his anger better and has brought his grades up. Anthony earned straight A’s first and second quarter!

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