Life Skills encompasses so many aspects of students’ lives. Things we may take for granted, like crossing a busy street to get to a destination is fundamental for our students; yet some of our students need training in this area.
After a successful work-day, at Active Day Senior Day Program, our students spotted an unused basketball court with a basketball, just waiting to be played with! This was an ideal opportunity to reinforce their amazing work at the job site, as well as taking a moment to practice an important life skill.
Fifth-Year Transition Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Vose-Watson encouraged our more seasoned students to mentor newer students in street crossing. Students, Christian and Michael, helped newer students Rafayat and Kerryne find the crosswalk. They were able to teach the safety of looking both ways on a very busy street. These two students were great role-models for this lesson. The reward for this lesson was a short basketball game with paraprofessional Mr. Ortiz. It was genuinely a win-win. Our Operations Manager, Ms. Russo, appreciates that Mrs. Vose-Watson identifies these teachable moments while our students are out in the

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