High Road Hartford High is constantly looking for innovative ways to reinforce our students’ positive behaviors. Our Blue students already get reinforced with an outing on Fun Fridays which involves either a trip out of the building for a fun event and/or a special breakfast or lunch out. But in searching for new ideas a light bulb went off…. and a special Blue Lounge was created.
The room is painted blue to remind the students that it is an accomplishment to achieve Blue level at High Road. With the help of Mrs. Johnson, Executive Director, and Ms. Russo the Fifth Year Transition students  and staff were able to pick up and assemble an air hockey table, ping pong table, couch and large screen television with a gaming system.
The students begin their Fridays with morning routines, and English rotations then make the switch at 10:00 am to Fun Friday. On a typical Friday you can witness our students enjoying conversation, challenging each other to games of ping pong or air hockey or watching a movie. The students feel very proud to have
earned their way into the Blue Lounge!

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