Roman has done a great job of becoming more social in his classroom. He is better able to verbally communicate with his peers and the staff in his room. He also has been complimenting his peers when they do a good job in the classroom. Roman works really hard through all of his academic work and the different class rotations.

Roman has demonstrated role model behavior that others should aspire to be like. Roman will put his classmates and others’ needs before his own. He was willing to offer up some of his Gold Lunch incentives to another student in need of their lunch without hesitation. Roman always puts forth great effort into his academic and life and social skill electives.

His teacher, Mr. Pitney, reported that Roman is currently on day 105 of Gold. He has also begun working at a local coffee shop and is very proud of this accomplishment. He is going two days a week and has been there for 3 months now. In the classroom, he has continued to work on building skills to be successful in the community.

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