Mr. Core joined the High Road team in September and didn’t hesitate to jump right in and learn. He embraced the school model and the company’s CORE 4 values. Eager to learn and ask questions, acknowledge his mistakes, and investing in each students’ success, Mr. Core has shown us his humility, transparency, accountability, and decisiveness!

Mr. Core shows unwavering patience with each and every student, especially our youngest students. His dedication is apparent to staff and students alike. His cool, calm nature is comforting to students; he reassures them and encourages them to do their best. He is constantly engaged with students and will work one on one with any student who needs his support, especially with hands-on tasks. His creativity and patience allow him to make modifications to projects or assignments in order to make them more accessible for a student who is struggling. Our students and staff are lucky to have him on our team.

Staff says, “Mr. Core is an extremely valuable member of the Hamden team. He goes above and beyond for both students and staff! From brewing a coffee for a tired staff member to teaching a Culinary lesson, he is the true definition of what it means to be a team player!

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