Jessica is always willing to help whenever a staff member needs assistance. She is very flexible and will go wherever she is needed. She is always reminding students what they are working for and encouraging them to improve their behavior by offering breaks and helping them work through their behaviors. She has built a good relationship with all of her students and gained a good rapport with them.

Mrs. Harley, the teacher in her classroom said, “Miss Jessica jumped right into our classroom immediately. She learned the level system and how to enter them in very quickly, which is so helpful to me. She is amazing at promoting the students to have good behaviors. She always is offering VTO’s and reminding students what they are working for. She is always rooting for the students and wanting them to succeed. She goes above and beyond to find things they want to work for. She has become part of the classroom without a flaw. She has a fun and silly personality that the students enjoy. She is a great teammate, co-worker, and person. I would not be able to run the classroom so smoothly without her. I am very thankful for her hard work and lucky to have her in the classroom.”

Jessica Buerger started with us in the middle of the year and has jumped in very quickly to learn the routine, academic schedule, and building rapport. Jessica works in the Academic Model, though she is always willing to assist in the BEST model when needed. She assists with many other duties within the school as well.

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