On January 31, 2020, the entire Pathways Program went on a field trip to the Mystic Aquarium spending the day immersed in the underworld. They met up with other students from four other surrounding High Roads Schools. Student had the opportunity to interact with others their age and new friendships were formed. Students certainly demonstrated their developing social skills.
Students enjoyed the sea loin show and a 4D film on dolphins. For many of our students, this was their first 4D experience. They screamed as they were sprayed by the water and shrieked as they reached out to catch the bubbles floating in the air. Students participated in a scavenger hunt throughout the day finding examples of different species and exploring the various parts of the aquarium. There was a lot of competition to see who could complete the entire hunt and writing assignments that went along with the adventure.
The Pathways staff could not be prouder of the students this day. The students represented the town of Plainfield with kindness and a maturity that demonstrated each of their growth over the past academic year.

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