Ryan K is responsible because he always takes initiative to be independent and do what he is supposed to do before being asked! Ryan also independently keeps track of his personal items while helping others to do the same.

Sean tries his best to be on task, advocates when he needs support and tries his best to get his work done without constant reminders. Sean’s act of maturity demonstrates great role model behavior of how to be a responsible high school student.

Alex N. shows responsibility every day in the classroom. He completes all of his work accurately and on time. He often looks for other ways to help in the classroom. He also follows his schedule independently.

Devri is the student of the month winner this month for my class due to how great she is adapting to life at Sierra while still maintaining all her independent responsibilities. She has mastered her schedule and knows her schedule to a “T” and has taken a leadership role in the classroom for making sure the classroom jobs are being completed. Good job Dev!

Ava always gets her work done on time and with a great attitude. She has a positive influence on everyone in the class including staff and maintains flexibility even during stressful moments. Mostly, Ava was chosen because of her leadership skills and accountability.

Saul demonstrates responsibility in the classroom. He independently turns in his homework and completes his classroom job without being asked.

(Not pictured: Alex N.)

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