Our High Road School of Windham County student of the month is Alexis. Since coming to our program this year, Alexis has maintained perfect attendance and a positive attitude. She quickly moved up the tiered level system and is currently on Blue Level. She comes to school daily with a smile and an eagerness to succeed.

Alexis is a conscientious, polite student. She is always on task and continuously strives to do her best while always saying “please” and ‘thank you”. Mr. Gresh, a Teacher Assistant at HRS, is quoted as saying, “Alex is an enthusiastic learner and she has an open mind and a positive outlook”. She continuously strives to do her best in school and is a pleasure to have in class.

Alexis works very hard to be a well-rounded successful student. She shows strength in reading and writing and eagerly fills pages in her journal daily. She also enjoys the theater and has confidently participated in reading lines from plays in class. Additionally, Alex has excelled in her life skills classes, most specifically cooking, as well as her photography class creating beautiful pictures. She also is working on videotaping a scene from a play that she read for English. We are very proud of how well Alexis has adjusted to the program and are looking forward to seeing how she will continue to grow throughout the school year.

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