As we wrap up the first semester, students at KAP are focusing on what they need to do to round out a successful year. For some, it is catching up in a class or two that they have fallen behind in, as every assignment becomes more and more important as we approach the end of the year. With over half of our program being seniors, graduation is on the line and the buzz is about what exciting things are coming afterward! Others are completing their service learning hours out in the community, another piece of their graduation requirements. We have visits to both the Kent Humane Society and Building Together, a local organization, planned over the next 3 weeks. State testing has been consuming a lot of our January as well, as students focus on successful tests as part of their educational requirements. We are most excited about our upcoming blue-level field trip to Launch, a giant trampoline park, at the end of this month. Many students are encouraging each other to keep their behavior in check and work hard to get to blue level in time for the fun. All of KAP is looking forward to the second half of the school year and the warmer weather and fun activities and experiences that lie ahead!

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