Our staff of the month for January is Mr. Paone! Mr. Paone is the transition classroom teacher at the High Road School of Wallingford. He was selected for the staff of the month due to the positive impact he has had on the transition program over the past year. He has brought structure, routine, and positivity into the classroom. He encourages his students to make good choices that could turn their day around and teaches discussion-based lessons that tie into the real world. This allows students to give meaning to their learning and apply it to the post-graduate lives they will lead when they graduate from High Road. Paone works diligently to inspire each student to do their best at school and on job sites. He works with students to find their vocational strengths and weaknesses and encourages them to develop a growth mindset in the workplace.

Ms. Betlej, Special Education teacher, says “Mr. Paone has given the transition students confidence in their abilities both inside and outside the classroom through job sites and engaging real-world lessons. His holistic approach to the transition program has helped students develop a sense of pride in their work and themselves.” Matt Berardesca, Operations Manager, is proud of the progress Paone has made saying “Paone is going into his second year as the transition teacher and has worked hard building rapports with community members and parents, which help to enhance our students’ work experiences in a variety of different fields. Paone has also begun to implement a new transition curriculum in the classroom for his students so that they can access a more modern approach to Transition education.” Great work Mr. Paone and congratulations on being named Staff of the Month!

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