To start the 3rd quarter off in a “sweet” way, our elementary school students hosted a fundraiser to help raise money for the relief efforts of Australia’s wildfires. To prepare for the even the elementary class and our culinary class joined forces to make cookies and Fried Oreo’s to be sold at the bake sale. Each of our students had the opportunity to earn money to be able to shop at the bake sale. Depending on a student’s level for the 12 days leading up to the event they received a certain amount of money. Students and parents were also invited to bring their money to shop as well. At the bake sale there were different shopping centers that students could browse. As student’s walked into the room, they were greeted by our teacher Ms. Codee and her student Nicholas to hand out their “money” they could shop with. Each food/ drink station was staffed with 2-3 students and one staff member. We also had one station that was staffed by one of our older high school students who is on level. Students and staff were so excited to be able to shop from cookies, nachos, whoopie pies, fried Oreos, cupcakes, and freshly made homemade lemonade.

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