Over the school year of 2019-2020 Sierra School of Weld County has had great success in transitioning students back to their home school districts.
The following students have shown growth and consistency both behaviorally and academically this past school year. They are currently attending their home schools for either one class a day or for the whole school day.

Dominick started his transition early in the school year with one class.Dominick added classes throughout the first semester. We are happy to say Dominick has successfully transitioned back into his home school district full time!

Alex has started his transition back to public school and has has gone from two classes to three. He continues to impress both Sierra staff and his home school staff with his ability to self-regulate and self-advocate for his needs.

Zoey and Marjorie attend the same high school and have begun with one class toward a slow transition back. They exhibit leadership skills and have made staff in both schools incredibly proud.

Sierra is very proud of all of the students that have worked to use coping skills in times of frustration, self-advocate for their needs, and strive to grow academically and behaviorally every day. We can’t wait to see more of our students transition and meet their goals!

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