Payday, rent, savings, then OH NO! A pipe bursts! These are all a part of the Life Skills Money Budget game led by our newest instructor Mr. Chase Dews. Similar to The Game of Life, students are given a monthly income and monthly bills to pay in each round all while remembering to add money to their personal savings account.

There are lots of fun surprises and choices along the way like applying for new jobs with more money, part-time jobs, and even applying for a credit card (12% interest of course.) Whether or not the student is hired or approved is based on a simple coin toss. The students also have optional choices such as owning a pet, paying for fun/entertainment, etc. But beware, a vet bill or flat tire may pop up as an extra expense. Students are able to work cooperatively on teams as “roommates” to cover the costs of these unforeseen events and their house bills. At the end of the game, the student who has been able to save the most money in their savings account wins!

The life skills students love participating in this game and it is evident that Mr. Dews fully enjoys engaging his students. They are able to practice counting with fake money, budgeting, and decision making skills while having lots of laughs and fun in the process.

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