This winter our Physical Therapist, Ms. Alicia, started Yoga Club! Once a week, the students join together in the motor lab for an interactive yoga and dance group. The students begin with some classic yoga poses and stretches, and Ms. Alicia does an amazing job practicing self-appreciation with the kids. The students give thanks to their bodies for all the hard work their bodies do for them throughout the day. In between stretches, it’s time to dance! Ms. Alicia turns on some fun tunes and for a few minutes the students jam out. For the last half of Yoga club, the students de-stress. The lights are dimmed and everyone relaxes. Using fake candles, the students pretend to “blow out” the candles as a deep-breathing technique. Yoga Club has been a huge success for our students and it is something they truly look forward to each week. Thank you Ms. Alicia!

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