Today, the Life Skills classes at High Road of Baltimore County had a C.B.I. lesson at the Goodwill in Perry Hall to shop for a work/interview appropriate outfit. The majority of our students are at the age where they are getting ready to apply for jobs and schedule interviews but are ill-equipped of the proper attire and what it takes to be prepared for a real-world situation. It was also a great way to show our students that there is accessible clothing out there that is both incredibly affordable and stylish as well. The Goodwill on Bel Air road was an excellent choice, The staff were incredibly courteous to our students and the selection of clothing was vast and organized (Ronald found a pair of brand new, never worn dockers brand khakis for five bucks!).

Each of our students were given a $15 budget that they self-managed throughout the process of selecting their outfit. The gentleman selected a collared, button down shirts and a pair of slacks/khakis. The ladies chose various forms of cardigans and long skirts/dress pants. Our students did an EXCELLENT job of keeping within their budget and working together to help each other find their respective sizes. Not to mention, everyone chose some FABULOUS outfits as seen below.

This CBI was an all-around success and I think our students really enjoyed themselves as well. Thank you to all Life Skills staff for your help in making this a success. Thanks Ms. Kathy for coming with us and doing such a great job with the girls!!

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