Zeke Is A Leader

Ezekiel Rose (Zeke) has been a High Road School of York student since last March. Throughout his time with us, Zeke has worked extremely hard and has earned our highest rank of Norseman. His favorite sport is football and he roots for the Baltimore Ravens. His favorite food is pizza....with bacon. Zeke's favorite subject is Math and his favorite teacher is Miss Danielle. Zeke said that he has learned to be a leader and would like other students to know that hard work pays off. Zeke said his favorite part of High Road School of York is our Fun Friday [...]

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Marilyn Is A Role Model

Marilyn was selected for student of the month for her role model behavior, efforts towards her academics, and overall growth since beginning at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. “Marylin has been a pleasure to work with. She tries extremely hard in everything she does. We are lucky to have her role modeling as a Gold student in the classroom for her fellow students. She utilizes her breaks appropriately, helps with classroom errands when need be, and has made a smooth transition to High Road overall." - Alyssa Kochiss, Operations Manager" Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Marques’ Success

Marques was enrolled in High Road the week prior to Thanksgiving in 2019. Since his enrollment, Marques has NEVER dropped his level and is regarded by his teacher and Instructional assistant as one of the more mature students in his classroom. Also since his enrollment, Marques has made significant success in his "iReady" testing. Completing an outstanding 80% of his lessons and having the most time logged into the program in the entire school. Here are some words from the Instructional Assistant of his class; Mr. Barnes "I am extremely pleased to have Marques as a student. He is quiet, [...]

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Making Great Strides With Dylan

Dylan was chosen to be a student of the month because he has made great strides in his ability to calm down during frustrating times at school. Dylan has worked hard using our calm down space and other coping mechanisms to earn zero directed time outs in January! "Dylan is really working hard at recognizing he is frustrated and taking breaks when needed!"- Miss Brandi "I worked in the calm down room, with fuzzies, and deep breaths to not go to time out all month. I am very proud that I did not go to time out!"- Dylan [...]

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Raymond’s Huge Improvements

Raymond is a fourth-grade student in Ms. Hogan’s classroom. Raymond started with us in October of 2019. Raymond has shown a huge improvement in his self-control in his short time with us. He is extremely polite and kindhearted. “Raymond is a great role model for our younger students and is always willing to help out and support in your younger classroom as a peer mentor.” — Anastasia McGlone, Operations Manager Raymond has built strong relationships with his peers and staff members very quickly. His polite manners and friendly personality have helped him to develop these relationships with ease! [...]

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Alex Is A Role Model

The staff was delighted to name Alexander “Alex” as Student of the month. Alex spent the beginning of this year just skating by. At one point, just before Christmas, a light turned on in his mind and he started trying his best to have self-control and focused on himself and what concerns him. Alex has changed his attitude and has become more engaged in his class/rotations and is on color! He displays role model behavior at job sites and is a pleasure to have out in the community because he is always very respectful and full of positive energy. Alex [...]

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Dakota Is A Great Friend

Dakota has made consistent progress on his color levels, reflecting good adherence to school rules. Dakota is friendly to peers and is polite to adults in the school. He is trying very hard to work more independently on his core subjects. He has been looking forward to volunteer work at Goodwill. Dakota always checks on others with this phrase, "Are you satisfied with your care?" which gives us a chuckle. He asks others about things in their lives so that a conversation can be about mutual topics. He often uses good group rules such as raising his hand and waiting [...]

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Andrew’s Impressive Progress

We are all very proud of Andrew. Andrew has progressed in reading and has read an entire paragraph! He mastered single digit addition without a number line or manipulatives and is asking for harder problems! Andrew's teacher, Ms. Beirne, says he is learning to swim! He even practices his strokes during his "free swim" time (playtime). He is engaging with other students and using positive self-talk to keep himself calm during chaotic times. He is asking for breaks. Even when something is new and hard, he initially gets frustrated, but sticks with it! Andrew used to think that Ms. April's [...]

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We’re Proud of Karon

Karon was selected for the student of the month for January. Karon has worked extremely hard this school year and has maintained Blue level consistently. He has shown personal growth and resiliency in his ability to recover from setbacks and keep a positive attitude. He has also helped to spread 'positive vibes' to his classmates and teachers. "Karon’s teacher is so proud of his hard work, especially in reading! He has made so much progress this school year and takes so much pride in his work. He acts as a leader to younger students and consistently shows them compassion and [...]

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Small Problems Are No Problems

Jaden was selected for the student of the month! Jaden reached Gold level at the beginning of this month and has demonstrated personal growth, both academically and behaviorally. Jaden’s motivation to succeed is admirable and contagious. His peers are so happy for him and couldn’t wait to congratulate him on reaching Gold level! He has worked extremely hard and is constantly working on keeping a positive attitude. Jaden’s motto that helps him to stay positive is “small problems are no problems.” Jaden asked his teacher, social worker, and two teaching assistants to write Gold recommendations on his behalf. Jaden’s [...]

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