Name: Tina
Grade: 6
Tina has improved immensely in her positive language towards students and staff. She has become much more respectful in her greetings to staff when walking in the classroom in the mornings! She should be really proud of how much she has improved and continues to enjoy being at Sierra. Recently, Tina has started to advocate more for things she wants, and when she earns them she has now started to respectfully say “Thank you very much!”. It’s really great to see her improvement!

Name: Annalise
Grade: 8
Annalise is kind and accepting to all students on campus. No matter their age or differences, she respects their ideas and space. She always uses her manners, pleases and thank you, excuses me, sorry to interrupt you, etc. Annalise recently passed her iReady testing on the first try and immediately encouraged others to do so as well, stating “I believe in you!”

Name: Caleb
Grade: 10
Caleb is always respectful when talking to staff members, even when he receives redirection or feedback. Caleb is very proud that he is taking multiple classes at San Diego High. He is also on San Diego High’s basketball team.

Grade: 12
For every field trip that the class goes on, Martin always opens the doors for others and shows great manners towards peers and staff. On one occasion, the students were at a small arcade section and Martin kindly shared his extra quarters with his peers. Not everyone brought enough money and so they had the opportunity to enjoy the arcade with their friends with Martin’s generosity. He did not want to hoard all the quarters, so he was happy to see that his classmates were all able to enjoy the games.

12+ (ACT)
Anthony has done a great job this year and taken on the responsibility of being the assistant to the PE coach. He has shown that he is able to work with different staff in difficult and challenging situations, revolving around PE classes, while still giving them the respect they deserve and work within the team environment to ensure that students get a fulfilled PE experience. Anthony takes pride in his work and setting an example for the other students to follow and has taken extraordinary measures to ensure that whatever tasks he has been given are followed through on to the best of his abilities.

12+ (ACT)
Alex earned a student of the month this month because of his work ethic, commitment, and his respectfulness to all students and staff. He consistently stays on task and finishes his assignments in class without having to be prompted to do so. On his scheduled WorkAbility days he comes to school ready for work and gives 100% at the job site, showing his coworkers, job coach, and managers the respect they deserve. Alex’s commitment to his team throughout the sports program is always outstanding. He is a great team player and is always respectful to coaches and staff.

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