Crystal is an RBT (Registered Behavior Tech) in our Elementary BEST classroom. She takes an active role in the planning, preparation, and interventions with the students in the classroom. She also assists with the daily operations of the school and manages the system paperwork protocols for the entire school.

Crystal is very patient with the students in the elementary best classroom. She takes time to observe and learn all of her student’s corks so she knows how to best work with each student individually. She shows the “Solid Object” attitude to the students to best handle their behaviors throughout the day and builds a strong rapport with them.

The staff that work closely with Crystal feel that her positive attitude shines bright and helps others to feel positive and reassured throughout the day. She does a lot of “behind the scenes” work throughout the day to help make everyone’s lives in the school a little easier. She is always there to help someone in need and able to be supportive for whatever anyone needs or is handling.

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