Amanda is always happy to assist with any need at any time, exuding confidence and kindness. She never seems hurried or concerned, making each student feel special and important. These traits were increasingly evident this month as she was more active throughout the school building as she filled in for Nurse Mike’s absence.

This Fall, she accepted an additional responsibility as one of our three Qualified Professionals. This role supports our campus RN by addressing basic first aid needs, assisting with medication regimes and generally being a constant voice of calm and positivity. In the past month, Amanda has been invaluable as she has helped meet our student’s needs as our RN enjoyed a paternity leave. She meets all of her responsibilities with grace and warmth, as well as a hint of humor.

We am so glad that Amanda is part of our team and has chosen to grow with us over the past year. She is consistent, hard-working and always has a contagious smile.

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