To end the year, our class had a holiday party! The students were given a task to find games that they wanted to play, but the games had to be DIY. Once the games were found, we began our projects. One game was a ball toss. The students found a box, painted it, and decorated a tree onto the box. The teacher then cut circles on the front of the box to create the ball toss. Students used plastic ornaments to toss into the box to score points and win prizes.
The second game they chose was pinning the heart on the grinch. They also chose to make a pinata, which who knew took 4 days to make! The students spent a week making all the games and activities for the party while working together and taking turns. By the time of the party, we were all ready to celebrate!
The celebration could not have gone any better. Students made gingerbread houses, played games, decorated crafts for their families, ate all the snacks, and danced to the music. Having the students make their own games for the party brought so much joy and laughter. Each game was made to the perfection of the students and they all had so much fun playing them at the end; that they even invited friends from another classroom to come join. This was the perfect way to wrap up 2019 and unite even more going into 2020.

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