Mr. Paone’s Transition classroom has been hard at work this year! Students have had opportunities to sample many different vocational experiences while out in the community while working on post-secondary skills with Mr. Paone in class. One worksite students visit is Fosdicks, where they work in an assembly line manner to ensure product gets to retailers in a timely manner. Students work in teams to finish product manufacturing, then place the items on pallets to ensure they go out on pallets at the end of shift. Students work hard to make sure their quotas are met and stores receive enough stock for their shelves.

Students also get the opportunity to see the product through to the store at Dollar Tree. There, students stock shelves, work recovery, and reshelf items that have been left behind in the wrong spot. This ensures the customers have the best experience possible when they walk into the store. Students have been complimented by customers for their approachability, sociability, and work ethic. This caries over into Shoprite where students bag groceries for senior citizens. Every student has had the opportunity to try this work site at least once. This job can be tricky as it challenges students to work quickly and carefully, while also making sure the customer is happy. This doesn’t deter our students though, and many customers have complimented their work ethic here as well!

One last job site our students look forward to each week is working at Burlington. They are tasked with sorting and re-shelving shoes, organizing hangers, and spider-wrapping expensive items. Managers at Burlington are always “excited to see (our) students because they are consistent, helpful employees”. Mr. Paone is working on having students sample new job sites such as Masters Manna. Additionally, he is hoping to integrate practical culinary skills into the classroom. He is also collaborating with Mr. Rizzo, our Woodshop Teacher, to have in-class vocational tasks for students.

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