Ms. Marcelin is always willing to help all staff and students no matter what. She has helped students develop different coping strategies that they can use within the classroom when they are feeling frustrated. Ms. Marcelin cares so much for her fellow staff and all of her students at our school. She goes above and beyond for everyone around her. She is always there to answer any questions and give feedback to everyone to help them succeed.

“Ms. Marcelin is such an important piece of the puzzle here at our school.”  — Desiree Colon, Administrative Assistant

“Ms. Marcelin is very caring and is there for all our students no matter what.” — Trystan Rodriguez, Social Worker Intern

“Ms. Marcelin is very respectful of all of students and takes the time to listen to all of us.” — Tyenna T. (High School Student) ”

Ms. Marcelin always comes in every day and willing to help students and staff in any way possible. She is always a solid object for all of our students. She is great at collaborating with all staff, outside providers and students.

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