Carter has been applying learned coping skills and behavior strategies to make good decisions and remain in class due to avoiding negative consequences. As a result, Carter has remained on our higher behavioral levels and been able to participate and earn school-wide incentives. Carter’s biggest enjoyment is helping staff and supporting his classroom.

Carter advocated with school staff that he desired to help decorate and prepare the school for our annual winter holiday party and flea market event. Through good behaviors and academics successes, Carter was able to assist staff in preparations which he deeply enjoyed and took great pride in. These good behaviors resulted in remaining on our higher behavioral level.

“Carter was having a rough time recently adapting to the addition of new students in his classroom. This led to negative behaviors and seeking out negative attention. Carter was able to advocate for himself and make behavior contracts which led to Carter getting on level and being super successful both inside our classroom and around the program.” — Shannon Fitzgerald, Special Educator”

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