Alivia has been consistent in her day to day work. She has shown improvement since returning to our program after being out of state. She is proud to have perfect attendance since starting at the school and managing to our Blue Level.

Alivia was chosen because of her great efforts. Despite her day to day circumstances she chooses to persevere and be present for her academics. Alivia also helps other when appropriate academically and is sought out by her peers.

Alivia was chosen by staff for December Student of the Month due to her efforts she has put in since returning to our program at the end of September. She has been a more positive role model to her classmates since her return. She also has developed a great rapport with both her classroom staff as well as other staff in the building. Alivia is proud of herself for showing up each day despite any circumstances and getting work done. She reports having a better sense of responsibility and outlook in terms of her academic success and personal growth.

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