Prior to attending Springall Academy, Delaney avoided social interactions. During her school day, she often had difficulty finishing assignments in a timely manner. Delaney also slept for the majority of the school day to avoid doing work. There was a lack of motivation in her personal and academic success, which hindered her academic potential.

After meeting with Delaney, a social plan was developed to help foster positive peer interactions while advocating for herself in both counseling and social interactions. The plan to help with academics was dependent on organizational study skills and concrete deadlines.

Teachers and staff worked to ensure Delaney’s goals were achieved by encouraging group work, interactions, and providing daily check-ins with her. This helped her develop the necessary social skills while cultivating interpersonal relationships. For her academics, teachers and staff continually checked on Delaney’s work progress by providing daily feedback on her current in-class and homework assignments.

According to Delaney, the two staff members who have been vital to her success are Ms. Tippins (Counselor) and Mr. Torres (HS Teacher). Through an individualized approach, focused on organization and deadlines, Delaney was able to achieve her academic potential, focus on school work, and begin to create personal relationships with her peers.

Since Delaney has been a part of my class, I have seen so much growth in her interpersonal relations with staff and students. It makes me happy to see how far she has come and the positive impact she makes in the classroom. Delaney is encouraging and is always willing to help others.

Mr. Torres, Teaching Assistant

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