When we first met Draycen, he was only attending school for an hour a day. While in school, he would get upset, scream at the staff and peers, and was not motivated to do any school work. The result of this behavior had Draycen spending a majority of his time at school in some form of a timeout.

To better meet his needs, we adjusted Draycen daily schedule. Utilizing a modified behavioral level system and a small classroom size with just 7 other students, staff hoped that individualized attention would be the key to Draycen adjusting his behaviors and focusing on academics. He took to it immediately. The level system was fit to him and he is excited to get to work every day.

By getting to know Draycen, the staff was able to recognize how he learned best and were able to more accurately help him in the classroom. His teachers were very intentional about giving him time to talk and express himself. Through his newly learned coping mechanisms, as well as these conversations with Draycen, he began to improve and spend much more time in the classroom.

Draycen responded very well to having a structured classroom and having consistency in his room as well. He developed a routine and knows expectations of the classroom. With this, he has become a great student and is ready to take on the day!

Draycen has improved so much in the past year, he is now able to sit in the classroom through rotations without getting upset and can ask for help or breaks when it is needed. Draycen has learned how to write his name, learned the alphabet and his numbers. We are all so proud of his progress!

Tori Emery, Assistant Teacher

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