Prior to coming to the High Road School of Hartford Primary, Steve struggled in all aspects of his education. He was aggressive toward peers and staff, had trouble being in the room for longer than five minutes, and often had to be picked up early from school for his disruptive behaviors or have his parent come to school with him.

Before starting at High Road, it was determined that his placement would be a 40-day diagnostic placement. His entire team would meet every two weeks to plan strategies for his success. After Steve’s first day, the internal High Road team met and planned to engage Steve in his academics. Steve loves everything Transformers, so the team developed a Functional Behavioral Analysis and Behavioral Intervention Plan around Transformers. Steve received significant levels of positive behavioral supports and interventions to improve his chance for success.

Our speech and language therapist suggested classroom modifications for Steve based on his communication needs that included visuals to help him communicate with staff. The occupational therapist created a sensory plan for Steve that included movement breaks when necessary and activities to calm his body. Steve was placed on an accelerated level plan so that he could attain the reinforcers that are already built into our school such as Fun Friday field trips, pizza lunch, and earned free-time.

Staff met, daily at first to ensure Steve’s needs were being met. Steve’s instructional program was adjusted and Natural Environment Teaching was introduced to assist with his needs in relation to his peers. We reviewed his behavior intervention plan and regularly adjusted as needed.

Steve responded well to a series of specialized models such as individualized lesson plans and activities, computer based instruction, gross motor lab, high level of staff support, social work services, FBA/BIP, positive behavior supports and interventions, academic rotation model, and staff training in crisis de-escalation and trauma-sensitive practices.

My son loves going to school now! When we were on summer break, he asked every day if it was time to go back. Now he comes home happy to tell us about his day and wants to do his homework! That’s a first!

Steve Castro, Steve's Father

Steve has made tremendous progress. He recently attended a field trip and came back to tell us all about it. Steve acts as a role model to his classmates and is very proud of all he has accomplished!

Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director of Program Development & Steve’s former school administrator, High Road Schools of Connecticut

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