The benefits of hard work and the level system is to take the students shopping with the money that they have earned.

This time of the year is full of magic and joy. And joy there was at Westfarms mall! After taking the city bus for transfer training with a longer distance, many of the transition class students were able to spend their hard-earned school store money. Build-A-Bear and visiting Santa’s Village was the favorite activities of Kiara, Kerryne, Rafayat, Ms. Hartwich and Mrs. Canty. The students picked a bear or a cat, made a wish on the heart and stuffed their animal. They then washed the bear with care while their classmates watched! Finally, the students picked out fun outfits like a tutu and a Spiderman shirt! Maya, Kiara, and SpiderBear were born and will be loved until their fur is worn off! Santa’s flight academy allowed our students to create an ID badge, dance in the virtual snow, compare how tall each student is to an elf, and chat with Santa, himself, in addition to many more fun activities!

Mrs. Vose-Watson and Ms. Miranda took students Michael, Christian and Kelton, who is new to our class, to the stores they were interested in. Michael checked out the shoe stores looking for the perfect pair of affordable Vans. Michael, after quite some deliberation, chose a great pair of black and red vans on sale! Michael calculate so that he would be left with enough money for lunch out, as well. Christian had a different agenda; he was interested in all things electronic. He was able to purchase two gift cards at Gamestop. With limited time in our class, Kelton had not earned as much as he other students, but he sure did have enough for some of his favorite food, pizza!

Our class got so much out of this experience. Their hard work paid off and they were able to see where their hard-earned money could be used.

Seeing my students out in the community to be themselves as young adults is amazing!

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