Jacorri’s Leadership

Jacorri recently transitioned from the middle school classroom, into the high school classroom. Staff was a little worried about the transition but he definitely has been successful. Jacorri has been maintaining his level since entering the high school classroom. Jacorri also completes all of his school work which has earned him passing grades for the quarter. Jacorri has become a leader of the classroom and we look forward to him to continue to climb the ladder! Learn more about our school today.

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Snow Is Fun!

Students were excited to some snow early in December this year! The staff were excited too! Since students have been working on the skill of cooperation with each other, their teacher thought this would be a great opportunity to complete a task as a group. This task tied together many other skills the students have been working on such as planning, designing, art and measuring. First the students discussed how to make a snowman and created a small list of supplies. They took their supplies outside and planned their construction. There were several debates that occurred such as: How many snowballs [...]

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Jamel’s Success

Jamel was a student who lacked motivation and purpose. He would often sleep in class making it difficult to make academic progress. With a change in attitude over the past year and a half Jamel has made strides in math and reading. He has become known for his informative articles reviewing video games and movies under the pen name Melly. He has taken a leadership role in math class; helping budget for field trips and completing 10 x 10 multiplication charts in under 5 minutes! Previously, Jamel resorted to verbal and physical aggression when agitated. He has since developed reliable [...]

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Ryan’s Love of Science

Ryan F. is a 5th grade student, new to High Road Academy. Ryan has worked hard so far this school year. Ryan is a gold student who loves his teachers and peers. His favorite subject is science. He stated that he loves completing experiments with Ms. Booze. The teaching team stated that he is a joy in the classroom and is always willing to help anyone and everyone. Keep up the good work! Learn more about our school today.

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Jayden’s Path to Graduation

Jayden is a senior set to graduate with the Class of 2020. He came to High Road Academy in 2017 as a 10th-grader. The following year, Jayden participated in our Workforce Development Program (WDP), a partnership of the High Road schools with Prince George’s Community College. He completed the Customer Service and Microsoft Office 1 courses. Jayden said that the best part of the class was receiving his completion certificates, which he can add to his resume. In the summer of 2019, Jay got a Humanim internship through DORS at the Howard Community College for 7 weeks. As an intern [...]

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Calm, Cool and Collective Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the calm, cool and collective one. He has a great way of communicating with staff and students. He is the staff that can be called to verbally deescalate any student. He is considered a veteran staff and he definitely shows that he has the skills to make it for the long haul. Mr. Jones was chosen because he is the best person to talk to, is very understanding, and really is a team player. Mr. Jones started out working with the elementary students and was moved to the high school last year. He has adapted to [...]

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David’s Huge Accomplishment

David was selected for the student of the month for January. David is currently on Gold Level Day 1, which was a huge accomplishment for him. He began at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle and did not always feel success. He worked extremely hard, utilizes appropriate supports, and came to school with a positive mindset each day. He uses his coping skills, 1:1 teacher assistant, and loves movement breaks within the classroom! He is extremely honest and advocates for himself when need be. David enjoys helping his peers in the classroom. He is willing to take on challenges academically [...]

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Maleek Is A Model Student

Maleek has worked very hard to earn his way to blue level in the classroom. Maleek loves to put a smile on staff and peers face by giving them compliments. Maleek has also been working on stay on task during Math and Reading rotations by showing others how to be a good student in the classroom. Maleek is an enjoyable student who loves to smile. He is able to make someone's day just by being himself and giving compliments to the staff. He enjoys earning legos, free time, and also loves to hang out with his friends out on [...]

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What Would We Do Without Michael?

For the first month of 2020, our High Road Employee of the Month goes to Michael Holland. Michael is in his third year with the program and has become an integral part of each classroom he’s been a part of. He works hard to develop authentic, therapeutic relationships with the students, which has helped foster strong classroom dynamics. This month, Michael has been supremely flexible in helping train new staff members at North Caroline while stepping up as a role model and leader in the Pathways program that is also on that campus. Michael is a great model for new [...]

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We Are Proud Of Anthony

This month High Road at DES is super proud to nominate Anthony M. as our student of the month. Anthony is our only student that is out to general education class all day. He checks in with us in High Road in the morning, and we send him on his way with point sheet in hand. He has a steady blue streak and is currently on day twenty-seven. As a fourth-grader, Anthony has excellent grades in his gen. ed. classes, all A’s and B’s. Way to go, Anthony! All of us at High Road are so proud of all he [...]

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