Our High Road Social Worker Ileana helped to coordinate and pulled together an amazing event. Ileana was spreading the Christmas spirit and teaching Students to do the same.

During our holiday themed week, High Road School at Lockerman Middle School focused on helping those in need by giving back to our community. Our entire class engaged in discussions about holiday cultures and the act of giving and community outreach. In discussion there was an emphasis that giving back and helping those in need doesn’t have to be monetary but can be giving someone a high five, smiling at someone, or using kind words.

Our class took action by helping the Lockerman Huddle of the FCA who collaborated with His Hope Ministries. HHM have a new program to help young adults in our community who are struggling with housing, jobs, and life skills. We created a list and gathered items such as school supplies, water bottles, tissues, and hand wipes. Students collaborated by putting items into bags and also wrote a hand written encouragement note to go into each bag. When all the bags were complete we took the time to listen to everyone read the encouragement notes aloud! In conclusion, we reflected on how we felt about the process and that as a class put together a total of 24 bags to donate!

Thank you Ileana!

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