Ms. Blake has worked hard to increase her students’ collective investment in the school-wide level system and improve the culture of her classroom. Several of her students have made significant progress on their IEP goals in the past month, and the majority of the class has enjoyed extracurricular events they were previously unable to participate in. One of Ms. Blake’s students recently began a part-time transition to his school of residence and is expected to transition fully at the start of the 3rd quarter. Another of her students is expected to begin a part-time transition next quarter with the goal of a full transition next school year. These examples are just a few of the many indicators of Ms. Blake’s hard work and passion for supporting the students in our program. Thank you, Ms. Blake, for all you do!

As a teacher who was recently promoted from the role of Classroom Assistant, Ms. Blake has had to work hard to learn the tricks of the trade-in a fast-moving environment. She is an inspiration to many staff members who intend to advance their careers in the service of our student population.

Ms. Blake exemplifies the positive effect our organizational culture of “skill and will” has on our students. Middle School-aged children traditionally have some of the most challenging and intense needs in our population. The patience, resiliency, and respectful yet authoritative presence that is required to work with them are unique and admirable traits for a teacher to have. It has been a pleasure to watch Ms. Blake blossom in this role!

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