Octavius has made great progress this year in regards to his ability to play functionally. When shown how to play correctly with a toy, he will immediately begin to play appropriately with that item. He is able to put together age appropriate puzzles and is beginning to attempt more difficult puzzles. He is communicating well by using pictures provided in the classroom and follows a visual schedule consistently well. His eye contact has been improving and much more so in the past month. Octavius has made a lot of progress this year as his second year in preschool! He is learning new skills daily and works hard each day to progress with those skills. Octavius is completing puzzles independently, making increased eye contact, attending for longer periods of time, and appropriately playing with toys independently. Octavius is also showing increased success with requesting/communicating his wants and needs using PECs and following a visual schedule of his routine throughout the day. We are all so proud of Octavius.

He does a great job with arts and crafts. I have seen a lot of improvement in his fine motor skills. For example, he will use his pincer grasp to pick up small objects like googly eyes and put them onto the glue dots independently when making a craft. He has been doing an amazing job with sorting activities and color matching. His feeding skills have greatly improved this year. He will eat snack items one piece at a time and can use a spoon with very little assistance. He also throws his trash away when he is done with his lunch when you hand him the trash can.

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