Peyton was selected to be Student of the Month because he has shown a lot of improvement in his ability to handle uncomfortable social situations throughout his day. He has also shown more support towards his peers and checking on them throughout the day. He’s now serving as a role model in the classroom for the other students. He enjoys helping the teachers in his room with daily tasks and is always volunteering to assist with classroom and peer needs. He’s demonstrating accountability and is showing progress with appropriately speaking with staff members and peers.

Peyton’s teacher, Miss Wittkofske, stated that he has made so much progress since the beginning of the year in his ability to cope with his emotions and showing less behaviors than before. She said he is also willing to challenge himself in his work without becoming too overwhelmed and shutting down.

Peyton is proud of learning how to cope with things that upset him throughout his day at school and is having way less timeouts than he had at the beginning of the school year. Because of this, he is much more happy at school and in the classroom with a positive attitude!

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