Jorge is a returning student to Sierra Solano. He left us when he was in 6/7th grade and relocated down south. It was such a pleasure to welcome him back in his senior year. He jumped back into the groove and has been a phenomenal student. His attendance, hard work, and dedication with his academic progress, transitional/vocational progress, and positive influence on his peers is the reason he was chosen for student of the month. He completes all of his classroom rotations with ease.

Not only does he thrive in his academics he thrives in the transitions/vocational department. He is eager to get his goals in place for after high school and diligently works towards researching his career/college interests and attending many transitional workshops on campus and completing many transitional/vocational activities etc. He was the student leader in setting up/planning for our annual haunted house and did an outstanding job. In addition, he was able to utilize his food handler’s certification for the first time by helping cook, prep, set up and clean up for our annual feast with staff, students, and their families. He was a tremendous part of both projects and did a fabulous job assisting. He has taken on the on-campus job of the Kitchen Assistant and helps set up/prep the lunches for his peers.

Jorge has a bright future ahead of him and he will be graduating in a few months. He will be missed truly however; all of our Sierra Solano staff is eager to see what positive direction he will be headed after high school.

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