For the month of December our staff elected Tommy as the Student of the Month. When Tommy first came to our school last April, he often came in to sleep and did not talk to anyone. His attendance was also very low last school year. At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, we saw some of the same behavior continue. However, at the end of November and during December, Tommy began to stay awake and do all his work. Tommy went all the way from red level to blue level. He went on our Blue Level Aikido field trip and had a blast. We have even noticed that he seems more comfortable and is opening up to staff or peers. With all his school success it transferred to physical changes, as well. Tommy came in with a brand-new haircut to not be hiding his face from everyone. He has been attending school and bringing up his grades. Tommy was even finalist in our recent Spelling Bee competition. We are so proud of Tommy and his hard work.

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