Over the past month Deirdra has taken initiative in keeping the classroom organized by facilitating breakfast clean up and delivery. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is responsible to follow through. She has also shown consistency this month in learning rotations.

Ms. Fernandes, Deirdra’s classroom teacher reported that, “Deirdra was chosen for student of the month due to her continuance of being on the second-highest behavior level. When in class, Deirdra is usually at her desk reading a novel after completing her work or at the computer utilizing our computer programs such as Newsela. She is always reading current events or researching subjects of her interest. Deirdra has a quirky and mature sense of humor and get along well with peers.”

Deirdra is proud to be on the honor roll this quarter. She feels as if her hard work has paid off. Not only through her efforts, but through clear directions and support of her classroom staff.

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