Ellen has an abundance of knowledge on how our students learn best. She is always informing the staff of different materials and ways we can support our students academically. She truly enjoys being with them one on one to support their reading. She helps our school days run smooth and provides us with material geared towards each individual student. She is a great asset to our school. Not only is she helpful to the students but her positive attitude and bright smile makes everyday a better day. Ellen supports and contributes to student needs in so many ways. She continues to serve as our Reading Specialist and works with students one on one to provided added repetition to increase reading skills and reading fluency. She also assists with organizing, setting up, scheduling, and administering State Tests, as well as our school-wide diagnostics on I-Ready. Ellen also assists is academic rotations within the classrooms and substitutes in those classroom when needed. Ellen assists with bussing duties and incentives and is always willing to help whenever needed.

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