Kyle is a 1:1 aide in the HS academic classroom. He shows great consistency with all students in his classroom. He demonstrates flexibility daily and is always willing to help out wherever needed. He’s very dedicated and his positive attitude is very encouraging to other staff members.

He is very flexible and willing to help wherever he is needed outside of working 1-on-1 with his student. He is also a great listener and willing to give advice to all students in his classroom and has a positive attitudes with the students at all times throughout the day. His 1:1 student said that Kyle helps him out throughout his day and is a good friend to him.

Kyle is very adaptable and willing to help in different classes outside of his normal classroom. Mr. Pitney, the teacher in his classroom, stated that Kyle is great with all of the students in building a good rapport with them and flexible to things happening in the classroom and around the school.

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