Eduardo has made great progress both academically and behaviorally. He continues to work hard so he can make his day and move up our color system. Eduardo has shown so much growth, he has made it to blue and has been very helpful to staff and his peers. He has been working well with frustrating situations and utilizing his coping skills. He is very motivated to succeed.

“I am very proud of myself for making it on color and getting all the way to Blue day 1. I also feel good about doing all my work and now and not getting time outs.” — Eduardo

“The first half of the year was very tough for Eduardo. He has been working very hard on himself and letting staff help him when he becomes frustrated. He is very helpful to others, does all his work, and encourages others within the school. He has made it onto Blue. We are extremely proud of him and what he has accomplished.” – David Murray, Special Education Teacher

“Eduardo has been working extremely hard to achieve our Blue status. Eduardo is a natural leader to all of our students. He always wants to help his peers and staff with anything. We are very proud of everything he has accomplished this school year and can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year holds for him.” — Lindsey Russo, Education Director

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