This school year, we have started a Student’s Activity Committee (SAC). This idea was brought to our students by our Education Director, Miss Lindsey. Miss Lindsey explained to students when she was in college, she was the SAC Coordinator. She had a committee and they planned all events for her college. Miss. Lindsey says, “when I was on the SAC Coordinator, it felt amazing knowing that I was able to help put smiles on my peers faces. I want my students to be able to experience that same feeling.”

Our staff leader of the committee is Mrs. Bellemare, who is our school social worker. Mrs. Bellemare says, “Students are building leadership skills and working together to come up with activities to benefit our school.” Kody, one of our middle school students says, “I like being on it because we get to talk about what we want to change in the school, and we get to talk to each other about our ideas to make our school better.” We are very excited to see what activities they come up for our school.

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