Students in Ms. Betlej’s class conducted an experiment to get a more in-depth look at chemical and physical changes. Students used hot water, cold water, and canola oil to see which one would dissolve candy canes. First, they formed a scientific question- Which liquid would dissolve the candy canes fastest in five minutes? Next, students each formed their own hypothesis. Overall, the class thought the hot water would dissolve the candy canes the fastest. But would they be right? They got to work setting up their experiment! Students filed labeled cups with a liquid and make initial observations about the candy cane’s physical properties. Then they dropped the candy canes in the liquids and set a timer! While they waited students watched a video about how candy canes were made, which helped give them more background knowledge.

After the video, the timer went off and they took out the candy canes carefully with plastic forks! The most dissolved candy cane was from the “hot water #1” cup! Student described this candy cane as “broken, misshapen, and missing its stripes.” Students described each other the remaining cups in their scientific method brochure and drew pictures to describe it. The teacher challenged them to find at least one chemical change in the experiment but these super scientists weren’t fooled and found it right away- the dissolving of the candy canes in hot water!

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