Students at High Road School of Wallingford have been inspired by the spirit of the holidays to give back to the community around them. They have many different fundraisers going on to give back and show their appreciation to the people and communities that support them year-round. The annual Toy Drive benefits Connecticut Children’s Hospital and helps ensure that patients receive a toy for Christmas even though they might not be at home. High Road students (and staff!) participated in a pajama day fundraiser which they had to bring in a dollar donation or a toy. Students were very excited to show off their festive pajamas for a good cause! Mr. Rizzo, maintenance technician and woodshop teacher, made a toybox that will also be donated with the toys. This is an annual tradition of Rizzo’s and he looks forward to teaching a new group of students every year how to build a toybox.
Students also made gifts for their district representatives. Students were eager to show their gratefulness for the support they receive year-round from their sending districts. Making the gifts was a great experience for students as they were able to participate in the hands-on process of making gifts instead of buying them” says Ms. Betlej, Special Education teacher. “It shows them the value of hard work and giving back. The students seemed to really enjoy what they were making and caught any mistakes they made!”
One last fundraiser students participated in was a Penny Wars! Students were challenged to bring in as many pennies as possible to put in their class jar but could put other silver coins and dollars in other class’ jars to subtract from their totals! The funds went towards “March of Dimes” which helps give resources to expectant mothers, their families, and newborns with extraordinary needs. Students were eager to bring in their loose change to help charity and be the winning class!

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