In the ACI Elementary classroom, students have responsibilities throughout the week that they must complete to earn Fun Friday. One of their favorite places to earn for Fun Friday is Scottsdale Ranch Park. At Scottsdale Ranch Park, the students have ample space to go run, play games, and climb on the playground.

The playground at Scottsdale Ranch Park is unique and the students love the challenges that the playground brings. The playground is set up to work on balance and coordination. There are climbing walls, stepping blocks, nets, swinging steps, and multiple slides. The students work together to go through the obstacles and cheer each other on as they conquer the difficult areas. We also use the field to play Red Light Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, and relay races.

Scottsdale Ranch Park is a great off campus adventure that provides students opportunities to use communication, learn social skills, and learn how to use their bodies to work through obstacles. Students enjoy going to the park and this is used as a great reinforcement throughout the week.

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