November is all about History in Ms. Brenna’s Elementary class! The students in Ms. Brenna’s class are learning so many facts about the holiday Thanksgiving and its origin. This week they have been learning about Christopher Columbus and the ships that crossed the Atlantic Ocean. With pictures for the students to color in, crafts making their own ships and being able to hang them up on the classroom walls helps them retain and remember the information they have been learning for the week. For their social skills activity one day this week, they were able to see the distance of Spain and America and the Atlantic Ocean that separated the two Countries using different color paint spread out on the table. The students worked together to create the ships that sailed across the ocean, and after they were made they worked as a team to blow the ships across the Sea to America using straws. The next couple weeks will be filled with many more fun social activities, crafts, and lesson plans filled with the History of Thanksgiving.

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