Corporal Alexis Eason from the PG County Police Department, took time from her schedule to come and have a sit down with several students to show that all police aren’t “bad cops that don’t care”, but it also gave our students a “safe space” and the opportunity to ask the questions that they normally wouldn’t ask. Students were engaged and asked valid questions about experiences that they have had with police officers, and also asked “what should they do” in certain situations. One student talked about witnessing a relative getting tased for simply raising her voice. While she admitted that that person was wrong for getting loud, she asked if getting loud is a reason to tase someone. Cpl Eason also showed students how criminals sometimes conceal weapons, and how to properly check someone to ensure their safety so that students don’t think the officer is being intentionally rough with them if encountered. It was a very successful meeting and a proud moment for HRS Upper School!

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