Meaghan has really shown improvement this school year and specifically this month especially in terms of social interaction. Meaghan has shown perseverance each day and continues working on communication and social interaction despite how uncomfortable she may feel. She has been positive in her work experience and puts forth her best effort in school each day. She truly is one of a kind.

Meaghan is eager to help with the media portion of school and interviews staff and students as needed. She has participated actively in gym class where as before sitting out was the norm for her. She has also made efforts to participate in most if not all activities that test her ability to persevere.

“I am proud of doing well with my school work so far this year. I always do my best, even when I’m irritated or upset. I’m also really proud of myself for conquering my anxiety and nervousness at school. I have really come out of my shell!” — Meaghan C.

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